Relyon Plasma GmbH, headquartered in Regensburg develops innovative plasma systems and products for applications of plasma treatment in the industrial and medical industry.

Relyon Current Models

Relyon Plasma technology products are made for in-line capability for industry, business, the skilled trades, research, development, laboratories and medical technology.
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• Work area 300 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm
• Compact stand-alone plasma system


• Process of surface activation from cold plasma
• Offers a wide range of accessories for the piezobrush PZ2.


• High power plasma system with Pulsed Atmospheric Arc Technology, for applications that require high performance and rapid processes
• Three different nozzles available


• Improved wettability and adhesive force can be achieved at components, which cannot be handled automatically due to size or mobility
• Can be used anywhere due to the trolley design


Surface treatment with cold active plasma used in a stationary mounting or in a traversing unit


Key Advantages

1) Atmospheric Plasma with immediate activation. No chamber depressurisation is required.
2) Localised treatment with higher intensity at one point
3) System can be used with different platforms – handheld, gantry system, conveyor etc.
4) Multiple process gas types can be used – Clean dry air, N2, N2 /H2 , Ar, N2 /Ar