1. Plasma Treatment

In order to achieve best bonding results, plasma surface treatment may be necessary.

2. Wire Bonding

TPT provides manual, semi-auto and full auto wire bonding systems. All TPT systems are capable of ball and wedge bonding by simply changing the tool.

3. Ball Capillary

Adamant provides ceramic and ruby capillaries. Adamant ceramic capillaries are manufactured with a HIP process which provides capillaries with longer lives than competitors.

4. Wedge Tool

DeWeyl provides over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing wedge tools. DeWeyl was also the first company to offer ceramic tipped wedge tools.

5. Wire Bond Test

Verify your process with mechanical bond testing with XYZTEC. One machine can handle wire pull, wedge shear, ball shear, tweezer pull and non-destructive testing also.

6. Wire Bond Optimization and Monitoring

Verify your wire bonders with FnK measurement systems. Compare wire bonders, compare bonding tools etc.