Laserssel has been developing laser reflow solutions from 2015. Over 100 systems have been installed since the formation of Laserssel. Laserssel products are now used in EV car applications, reflow for very thin die under 100um thickness, reflow for temperature sensitive substrates, BGA and other component rework, especially for very condensed board layouts, and reflow of LED on miniLED display systems and many others!

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Applications overview

Basically there are 4 different types of Laserssel equipment for various reflow processes:

  • Variable beam size = 5-50mm square available
  • Fixed beam size (recommended for mass production) = max of 80x80mm area (other dimensions possible)
  • Programmable for time and intensity to control profile
  • Suitable for most solder pastes
  • Tact time = 1 to 3 seconds / reflow area
  • Machine size = 1.3W x 1.75H x 1.1D (meters)
  • Manual loading/unloading laser rework system especially for BGA components
  • Variable beam size
  • Able to remove and replace BGA component without affecting surrounding areas on the PCB
  • Also capable to remove and re-solder other surface mount devices.
  • Automatic loading in-line laser solder / sintering system including compression (basically it is a thermal compression bonder using laser)
  • Up to 500N of pressure, programmable and monitored
  • Program compression and laser power
  • Typically up to 80x80mm area
  • For thin flip chip (<100um thickness) or Ag or Cu sintering processes
  • LSR system purposely designed for reflowing miniLED chips for displays.
  • Programmable for time and intensity to control profile
  • Machine size: 1.5L x 1.9W x 2.0Hm

Typical Applications:

  • Solder reflow for high value soldered products because of very high quality reflow results
  • Solder reflow of temperature sensitive substrates
  • Rework of components on very condensed board layouts
  • Thermal compression bonding of very thin flip chips (below 100um thickness)
  • Ag or Cu sintering processes for power electronics
    MiniLED reflow and repair/rework
  • Any type of solder reflow when high quality soldering is necessary