MAT, founded in January 2000, is a Die Attach and Dispensing equipment manufacturer specializing in providing machines and turn-key solutions for the most advanced die attach and dispensing applications. Whether your application is Eutectic or Adhesive based, Flip Chip or Face Up, MCM, Die Stacking, MEMS, Imaging Device or other, MAT machines will carry out the process of die bonding with high accuracy and yield.

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• Work Area up to 12″ x 10”
• Performs cold and hot processes for MCM, Flip Chip, Eutectic, and Ultrasonic assemblies.


•  Work Area up to 20″ x 12”
• System performs Dispensing and Stamping of different adhesives, flux and other materials in the same application.


• Work Area up to 250 x 150 mm
• Process capabilities in the 6200 Crossover include: Epoxy Die Attach, different Eutectic processes, GGI based on Ultrasonic or Thermo-compression processes, Ag Sintering, Die Stacking and many more processes.


Key Advantages

1) Versatile Die Bonder for multiple capabilities in one machine
2) Compact Footprint 1mSquare
3) High Placement Accuracy ±3µm @ 3sigma
4) Easy programming and user interface

MAT Current Models

A number of models are available whose strengths are with complex, high value applications such as Multi Chip Modules, Imaging devices, Sensors, MEMS devices, Flip Chip. MAT machines perform Adhesive based and/or Eutectic processes

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Die Attach Types – Cold

• Stamping (Pin Transfer)
• Chip Flipping
• Bump Fluxing
• Dispensing
• Cole and Heated Die Attach
• Ag Sintering
• Die Stacking