UV Conveyor

Typical Applications
• UV light curing for adhesive, material
• UV accelerated aging test
• Solar simulation test
• UV particle inspection

Light Source, Intensity & Spectrum
• UVA lamp 320-390nm
• UVB lamp 280-320nm
• Visible light lamp 390-550nm
• UV LED 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and 460nm
• Intensity varies from 100mW/cm2 to 3,000mW/cm2 or more (application dependent)
• Wide selection of UV systems can be provided by Hoenle UV Technology, Germany
• Liquid-cooled UV systems for even higher intensity!

Chamber size
• Application dependent
• Previous design includes size such as 170x170mm, 200x200mm, 270x270mm.

Light Uniformity within UV Chamber
• With reflector, UV chamber allows uniform distribution of UV light within the working area
• Typical uniformity is up to ±10% from average UV intensity

• Chamber allows UV intensity measurement by Hoenle UV meter and sensor
• Lifting table for variable height adjustment
• Chamber exhaust fan

Operation Control
• Manual, Timer mode with start/pause/reset, Activation by external switch
• Safety door switch to stop UV operation immediately when door is opened (UV LED system)
• Safety door lock to prevent door opening during UV operation (UV Lamp system)

Special Features
• Substrate cooling can be added to the system
• Additional heat (hot plate) can be added to the system
• Rotational worktable for UV particle inspection
• Other features are possible, please check with Axend!

Facility Requirements
• AC Power Supply 230-240VAC, 60 Hz, Single-Phase
• Others if required


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