We manufacture and provide precision processing parts which are utilized in Bonding Instruments.

We provide the following products such as Capillaries used to connect Integrated Circuit Chips with Gold Wire Substrates, Air Tensions for Gold Wire Tension and Clampers to support the stretch of the wire.

All of these products require our highly accurate processing technology of hard materials, especially the smooth and accurate Capillary Forms required for the Bonding Process.

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Applications overview

Wire bonding capillaries come in many variations due to wire size, desired ball size, application type etc., etc. Below are some of our basic capillary part numbers. Download the custom order sheet to design a capillary to match your needs.

• In the HIP process, air bubbles generated between material particles are removed by applying high temperature (1000 ° C or more) and isotropic high pressure (1000 atm or more) to the object to be treated.
• As a result, capillaries are densified, homogenized, consequently during bonding, the bonded ball diameter, shear strength, and intermetallic ratio are all improved.

• Longer capillary life span and higher wear resistance have been achieved by zirconia toughened alumina ceramic with higher hardness than the standard 9.99% aluminaceramic.

• Conventional capillaries sometimes have a tapered hole or rough surface, which causes damage to the ball, contamination accumulation and wire reakage. Adamant capillaries are completely smooth from hole to tip through a fine polishing which reduces damage to the wire and enables a stable bonding process.

With unique precision process technology cultivated by the production of ferrule for optical communications, an excellent concentricity property has been achieved, which reduces hours of operation significantly for time of replacement due to the elimination of the alignment process.

• Bonded Ball Size: Bonded ball size is affected by Wire Diameter (WD), Hole (H) and Chamfer Diameter (CD). A uniform and stable ball shape is possible due to the accuracy of the smooth chamfer geometry and the excellent hole concentricity
• Ball Shear Ratio: This parameter is affected by WD, CD, pad substrate, mashed ball diameter and ball contact area. A satisfactory level of force and strength is achieved by the stable geometry of chamfer.
• Stitch Bond: Important parameters affecting stitch bond are Tip diameter (T), Outer Radius (OR) and Face Angle (FA). Sufficient stitch bond with standard wire diameters are achieved by stable tip geometry, tighter hole concentricity to T and the gentle OR.

• Ruby Capillaries can maintain their form and shape during wire bonding because of the high hardness of the material.
• The function of Ruby Capillaries is to allow a thin and brittle gold wire through at very high speeds. The Capillary shapes are required to be smooth and accurate for any bonding process.

• Excellent smoothness of single crystal ruby capillaries prevents the damage and contamination accumulation from gold wire.
• Since the surface smoothness is superior to standard 99.99% alumina-ceramic capillaries, the damage from gold wire is reduced. In addition, the hardness is suitable for bottleneck formats.

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About Us

Adamant Namiki has changed their name to Orbray Co., Ltd. on January 1st, 2023.

Ever since that day in 1939 when Namiki first began operations as a small factory, the need to create world-leading technology has been the catalyst for our extensive research and development program. It has also been the main driving force behind the ongoing diversification of our product line. Time after time Adamant Namiki enters global markets as a leader. From the initial production of external components for high-end watches and record styluses, Adamant Namiki moved into fiber optic components and precision products, such as ferrules and sapphire wafers.

Today, we continue to expand and diversify our production, using our unique gem processing technology to drive innovation in many high-tech fields. Through the development of unique materials and processing technology, Adamant Namiki has expanded from its origins as a manufacturer of parts to include the fabrication of complete devices and our next aim is to progress into micro-systems.